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A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle on a fur blanket in a tiny bed

Long Beach Prenatal Yoga for a Gentle Workout During Pregnancy!

Prenatal yoga provides many health benefits for expectant mothers. From stress relief to muscle strength to preparation for labor and delivery, prenatal yoga is a great way for pregnant mothers to feel their best throughout the pregnancy. These four yoga studios for Long Beach prenatal yoga provide high-quality classes to moms in the community as they prepare their bodies for labor and delivery. 

Three Highest-Rated Studios For Long Beach Prenatal Yoga

A newborn baby sleeps in a swaddle with feet in the air Long Beach Prenatal Yoga

Ra Yoga

3860 Worsham Ave

Suite 310

Long Beach, CA 90808

Ra Yoga Long Beach holds a special place in the community. It features two large rooms, radiant heat, locker rooms, showers, and a water refill station. This location also features modern accents like colored LED lighting inside of each studio and beautiful corrugated metal walls. This yoga studio is trendy and unique and strives to provide quality classes to the Long Beach community. 

Ra Yoga is rooted in community, creating connection, opportunity, love, and space. The studio also values unity, striving to create a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone can join together in a shared experience of the amazing benefits of yoga. Prenatal yoga is beneficial to women as they bond with their babies and prepare for labor and delivery. Taking yoga classes while pregnant is a safe, effective way to cope with the aches and pains of pregnancy. There are many great classes to choose from at Ra Yoga. 

A newborn baby in a brown knit swaddle sleeps in a wicker basket Long Beach Prenatal Yoga


Long Beach, CA

At Bloom, regular yoga practice helps maintain flexibility, promote strength, and encourage stamina while supporting long-term health. Bloom believes in teaching safe, alignment-based yoga with hands-on adjustments to make sure that everyone is safe and can find their true potential in poses, breathwork, and meditation. Classes are designed to promote the practice of yoga by exploring balance and movement in the body and mind. 

Jenni teaches prenatal yoga at Bloom and has been teaching since 2013. Prenatal yoga provides physical and mental benefits for the expectant mother and is also a great way to feel a sense of community beyond the yoga mat. Prenatal yoga classes provide a space to connect with other pregnant women, ask questions, and celebrate pregnancy.

Jenni is a registered prenatal yoga teacher (RPYT) through Yoga Alliance, and she is passionate about supporting pregnant women through their pregnancy journey in private sessions and group classes, and workshops. Clients can schedule one-on-one, custom-designed sessions to support them in their pregnancy. 

A newborn baby in a white swaddle with feet sticking out is held by mom and dad's hands

Bliss With Bonita

5355 E. Eliot Street

Long Beach, CA 90803

Bonita is a yoga instructor and mother who is passionate about supporting people through all stages of life. She enjoys helping birthing people, and as a mother herself, she is able to provide a personal touch to her instruction. Additionally, Bonita knows what it’s like to have a big belly, stress about labor and delivery, and get flustered trying to take care of a newborn. She believes that yoga is an important self-care practice that helps guide and support people through motherhood and lifelong health. 

Bonita teaches private prenatal yoga classes, where she brings breath to the body and baby and helps mothers experience a unique connection with their little ones. This helps keep muscles strong for labor and delivery, creates space to connect with the growing baby, keeps energy levels up, reduces stress, relieves body aches, circulates blood and oxygen, and provides positive energy for peace, clarity, and strength. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a brown knit swaddle and bonnet in a wicker basket Long Beach Prenatal Yoga

Long Beach Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga has many health benefits for mothers and babies. Prenatal yoga can help relieve stress and tension, promote strength and relaxation, and help mothers prepare for labor and delivery. These four studios in Long Beach for prenatal yoga programs help expectant moms feel their best. 

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