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Orange County Midwife Options to Help You Through Birth

How you choose to bring your baby into the world matters. Suppose you are looking for a more holistic experience that embraces the natural beauty of childbirth. In that case, an Orange County midwife may be just the person to help! Look at these Orange County midwives to see if they align with your ideal birth plan. 

3 Wonderful Orange County Midwife Options

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South Coast Midwifery

South Coast Midwifery believes that birth is normal and natural, not a medical condition. Whatever your dream birth is, it’s their dream, too! That is why their team dedicates their time to ensuring that your delivery is as smooth and safe as possible. Their Birth Center gives laboring mothers a boutique spa environment to bring their babies into the world. That includes oversized tubs to use during labor or for water births.

They also offer midwife services for home births, should a family decide to bring their new baby into the world from the comfort of their home. Wherever you choose to deliver, they provide encompassing prenatal care at the Birth Center, including ultrasound services, birth and parenting classes, and lab work. Their facility is less than a mile from a hospital, should medical intervention be needed. Regardless of how you decide to deliver your baby, South Coast Midwifery is here to help you have the birth you’ve always wanted. 

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Born With An Angell

Born With An Angell is an Orange County midwife company that aims to help expectant mothers have a more personalized birth experience with more involvement in their care. Midwife Jennifer Angell is a licensed chiropractor and was a practicing doula for 16 years before becoming a midwife. She provides home birth services, including in-home pre-and post-natal care.

While your baby grows throughout pregnancy, Jennifer schedules regular visits to ensure you are physically and emotionally prepared for your birth and new baby. These visits also help you get to know your midwife and build a relationship of mutual trust and respect. And bonus – Dr. Angell also offers chiropractic services to her patients, which can alleviate many of the common aches and pains associated with having a baby! She also provides well-woman care, so you can continue maintaining your health with Jennifer long after your baby has arrived. 

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Sacred Journey Midwifery

Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham is the owner of Sacred Journey Midwifery. Her approach to childbirth stems from her belief that pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing events for each pregnant mother. These monumental life moments can be just as healing as they are life-changing. She believes pregnancy causes us to see things more clearly than before, including our relationships. Lisa is passionate about working with women who have experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse to use their birth to help integrate and heal their experiences. She offers home birth services, plenty of prenatal preparation, and thorough postpartum care once your baby has arrived. Lisa Marie also focuses on the partner’s experience, and their inclusion makes their partner’s birth a supported, compassionate experience. 

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Orange County Midwife

Each Orange County midwife above will ensure your delivery is as smooth and natural as possible. Please reach out to the women above as they strive to help bring the ideal birthing situation to you and your family.

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