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husband hugging his wife from behind as she cradles her bump Birthing centers in Orange County

Amazing Birthing Centers in Orange County for Personalized Care

How and where you decide to deliver your baby is highly personal and varies from woman to woman. Ideally, birth should happen where you feel most comfortable. Of course, many women still decide to deliver in hospitals and feel more at ease in that setting. There is nothing wrong with that (remember, it’s about where mom feels most comfortable bringing her baby into the world!) But for women who think that hospital birth isn’t the right fit, birth centers may better align with their values and birthing goals. Birthing centers in Orange County are rooted in the idea that birth is natural and that birth interventions (like cesarean sections, episiotomies, etc.) are used too often in hospitals. They may create unnecessary complications for postpartum moms out of convenience for the hospital. 

If you live in Orange County, California, and are looking for an alternative to hospital birth, here are several birthing centers options. They provide an exceptional labor and delivery experience for every mother who walks through their doors. 

Birthing Centers In Orange County For Personalized Delivery

mom to be in blue maternity gown holding her bump Birthing centers in Orange County

South Coast Midwifery

South Coast Midwifery has been a birthing center in Orange County for over 18 years. Founder and director Lorri Walker is a world-renowned midwife. She and her team dedicate their time to helping women throughout their pregnancy and birth. They aim to be your birth “lifeguard,” watching and assisting as needed. Their goal is to empower women by educating them about the childbirth experience so they can make their own decisions. 

South Coast Midwifery is more like an upscale boutique hotel with contemporary designs, feminine patterns, and colors. Their birth suites are large, with plenty of room for a laboring mama to walk and stretch. Each room also includes a deep soaking tub, perfect for pain relief during labor or water birth, should you choose it. 

mom to be in blue gown holding her bump and her husbands hand Birthing centers in Orange County

Delivering at the birth center allows women to take their time giving birth, doing what their body tells them to throughout the process. Whether getting in and out of a tub, listening to music, lowering lights, or grabbing a snack, women who deliver at the South Coast Midwifery birth center control their own birth experience. 

They offer prenatal pregnancy care, in-house bloodwork and ultrasounds, and postpartum and well-woman care. 

pregnant woman in blue dress holding her train and bumpBeach Cities Midwifery

Beach Cities Midwifery tailors your birth experience to your body, intuitions, and unique needs. The midwives on their team have been serving Orange County families for over twenty years, and they have plenty of experience bringing beautiful babies into the world. They provide comprehensive care for pregnant mothers and their babies at every stage, from conception through postpartum care. 

They have two fully equipped birth centers, one in Laguna Hills, Long Beach, and the other in Corona. These birth centers prioritize their clients, families, and the birthing process. According to the website, their birth center environment “is conducive to empowering the woman to birth their way without restrictions generally found in the traditional hospital setting.”

dad to be cradling his wife's baby bump Birthing centers in Orange CountyThey are also proud to be Orange County’s only State licensed and fully accredited birthing facility. 

Each center has two large birth rooms with big beds, relaxing soaking tubs, and private bathrooms. They also have a full kitchen, so you can bring snacks to keep you and your guests satisfied throughout your stay. Their decor includes linens, calming color pallets, and intelligently staged labor supplies to help put moms at ease. They also have plenty of birth balls, essential oils, and mood-enhancing audio. 

Birthing Centers in Orange County

Any of these birthing centers in Orange County would take exceptional care of you and your baby throughout your childbirth. Check out their websites for more information and schedule a tour to see if either could be a part of your birth story.

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