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A family of six hold hands and walk down a beach things to do in newport beach with kids

Things To Do In Newport Beach With Kids For Unforgettable Days

As parents, it’s so easy to fall into routines that stay within our comfort zone. Let’s be real. Taking kids out is often stressful; the whole experience can leave you praying for a latte or four. But shaking up your routine is healthy. It gives you the ability to make memories while helping your kiddos run out some of their energy. If you’ve been feeling burnt out by doing the same thing every week, I’d love to tell you about some of my favorite things to do in Newport Beach with kids that are guaranteed to switch things up!

3 Things to Do in Newport Beach With Kids for the Whole Family to Have a Great Time

A father plays and tickles his young son while holding him off the ground on a beach

The Balboa Fun Zone

For years, The Balboa Fun Zone stood as an iconic spot where families across the state could come for an afternoon of excitement. Over the years, it fell into disrepair while different parks bought up the rides in hopes of preserving them. The spot was purchased in 2013 by Newport locals ready to restore this beloved space. 

Today, you can find both rides and arcade games at this legendary park. Older kids will adore parasailing and watersports, while younger children will have a blast on the famous Ferris wheel. You can also play a round of Skeeball in the arcades, race to the top of a coconut tree, or bounce on the Ocean Motion trampoline. While you’re there, be sure to try out some classic arcade eateries!

A young girl stands in wet sand on a beach with a hand on her hip things to do in newport beach with kids

Once Upon An Island

It’s not fair that kids can’t grow up to be mermaids when it’s all they’ve ever dreamed about. This is why Once Upon An Island is dedicated to doing what they can to change that! At this mermaid-themed fun park, your child will have an experience unlike any other. The Jellyfish Salon will transform them into a mermaid, while the Mermaid Lagoon lets them hang out with fellow mermaids near the water. 

You can also have a royal tea party fit for a queen. And if mermaids aren’t exactly your kid’s thing, don’t worry. The park lets your child transform into a pirate or a princess so they can live out their best adventures. They also host birthday parties your child and their friends will remember for years!

A mother holds her young toddler on a beach next to a rocky ledge

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is the ideal spot for the family that loves to explore. This park rests on over 3 miles of the Pacific coastline. It’s full of easy walks and challenging hikes that will get your family moving. While there, you’ll experience premium mountain views and plenty of wildlife. 

Dogs are allowed in specific parts of the park if you want to bring your fluffy friend. Your child will love playing on the beach or exploring the tidepools. While there, you can stop off at the Beachcomber Cafe for delicious food and refreshing drinks over gorgeous views. 

A couple walks down a beach wearing jeans and a blue floral dress holding hands

Things To Do In Newport Beach With Kids

It can be hard to branch out of your comfort zone, but with any of these things to do in Newport Beach with kids, everyone in the family is guaranteed to have a great day! 

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