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A mother to be in a long pink maternity gown walks down the beach holding her bump Best Maternity Hospital in Los Angeles

Best Maternity Hospital in Los Angeles for Exceptional Care

Finding the right hospital for your delivery is the biggest decision you can make during your pregnancy. You’re not only choosing the doctors who will get you through labor but also deciding on an environment that will give you a voice and align with your preferences. Combine these choices with the fact that you have to decide on a space relatively quickly, which can get overwhelming. Thankfully, Southern California is full of exceptional hospitals for your family. If you’re looking for the best maternity hospital in Los Angeles, I’d love to tell you about a few spots!

3 of the Best Maternity Hospitals in Los Angeles for Your Personalized Birthing Experience

A mother to be and father stand on a beach holding their sonogram strip between them

The BirthPlace Westwood

The BirthPlace Westwood is a fantastic option for parents looking for family-centered care. This maternity hospital is located in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and has been recognized as one of the top 5 hospitals in the entire country. The rooms have been designed to feel like a home away from home. 

The hospital understands the importance of the earliest moments following labor. They prioritize helping you bond with your baby and will keep them with you as much as possible. They accommodate alternative birthing arrangements and ensure new parents feel pampered following delivery. You’ll be treated to top-tier food, cozy lodging, and tons of amenities.

A mother-to-be walks under the pier on a beach while holding hands with her husband

Saint Joseph Medical Center

You’ll love Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center if you’re searching for a space that will work with you to create the best birth plan and help you see it through. Located in Burbank, this wonderful space understands that each parent knows their body the best and wants to help you have a birth experience that’s right for you. 

The hospital is staffed by top doctors ready to offer you compassionate care. Newsweek has recognized the hospital as one of the top maternity hospitals in the nation. With their fantastic doctors and comfortable spaces, you’ll quickly see why!

Details of a mom to be and father holding their sonograms on the beach Best Maternity Hospital in Los Angeles


Cedars-Sinai is a hospital that prides itself on personalized care for each patient. Newsweek has recognized the hospital as a top maternity hospital and strives to live up to this label. The center is one of the best when it comes to assisting with high-risk pregnancies. You’ll be paired with a team that understands your needs and will ensure you have the help you need at every stage. 

They also have one of the largest NICUs in the state. Cedars-Sinai provides quality childbirth and parenting classes and endless resources to ensure you’re ready to meet your baby. You’ll rest assured knowing you’re getting the very best care!

A mother to be cuddles in the chest of her husband while standing on the beach by a pier Best Maternity Hospital in Los Angeles

Best Maternity Hospital in Los Angeles

Finding the right hospital for your delivery can be an overwhelming decision. With any of these best maternity hospitals in Los Angeles, you can guarantee you’ll have a space full of expert doctors who will empower you every step of the way!

Once you choose the space for your delivery, it’s time to start thinking about newborn photos! I’m a family photographer and a mother myself, so I know how important it is to capture every memory. If you’ve been looking for someone to deliver stunning portraits once your little one is here, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more! 

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