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How an Orange County Doula Can Help Your Pregnancy Journey

Birth can and should be a positive experience full of incredible memories and feelings of support. An Orange County doula can make sure you feel encouraged, empowered, and safe throughout your labor, delivery, and beyond! But with birth being such an intimate experience, finding a doula to which you feel genuinely connected is essential. These Orange County doula services can help you bring your new baby into the world. 

Orange County Doulas For An Amazing Birthing Experience

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Doulas of Orange County

Doulas of Orange County is the area’s premiere doula matching service that connects pregnant women and families with qualified doulas in the Orange County area! All of the doulas in their database receive training through a reputable organization. They undergo a screening process to ensure they provide the best possible care. 

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When you use Doulas of Orange County, you begin by filling out a detailed questionnaire outlining the support you need; are you looking for a birth doula? Postpartum doula? Sleep consultant? Virtual Doula? Lactation specialist? Considering your needs and other factors, they will then provide recommendations of doulas from their system who may be a perfect match for you. They also consider other factors such as your due date, specific care or needs, birth location, budget, and personality. Then you can interview your suggested doulas personally and let Doulas of Orange County know your top pick. They will take care of the rest of the hiring process!  

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Labor of Love Birth Services

Owner Staci Berrey founded labor of Love Birth Services in 2013 with the firm belief that support and education are paramount in making great birth memories. Labor of Love offers birth doula services to ensure that all laboring mothers receive hands-on support, peace of mind, and compassionate, individualized care. Additionally, she provides postpartum doula care to help your new family. That helps you establish a routine, navigate feeding and healing, and simply provide an extra set of hands around the house. When she started the company, Staci felt many women were missing out on a beautiful, connected human experience beyond survival. She knows that all births are unique, and regardless of where or how you give birth, birth is BRAVE! Staci’s podcast, Birthing into the Great Unknown, addresses some of the most controversial birth topics with grace, professionalism, and heart. Those are the same qualities with which she assists all her clients. 

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Orange County Doulas

Orange County Doulas has been serving childbearing women in the Orange County area since 1990. They believe that throughout the ages, women have leaned on each other for support throughout pregnancy and birth. Their goal is to be that mothering figure for all of their clients. Owners Lindsey Meehleis and Courtney Ellis are both doulas and certified midwives that bring decades of expertise to your bedside as you experience labor and delivery. Their qualifications also allow them to offer Monitrice care, a unique combination of doula and midwife that can assist mothers as they labor at home. They can also monitor the baby’s heart rate and the mother’s dilation before transferring to the hospital for delivery. They also provide placenta encapsulation and postpartum doula services for the families they serve. 

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Whatever support you need throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum life, any of the incredible women above will be able to help you find your perfect Orange County doula. Spend some time browsing their websites to see if your values and goals align with theirs, and then reach out to them to set up some time to talk! Your birth should be memorable for all the right reasons. That is why Doulas of Orange County, Labor of Love Birth Services, and Orange County Doulas can all make your delivery an unforgettable experience.

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